Who We Are

Annual Meeting Group shot


The mission of SAGE /RI is to serve as a leader in identifying, addressing and bringing attention to issues related to aging among members of the LGBT community; to partner with constituents, allies and other stakeholders to create a culture in which older LGBT members of the community can enjoy a high quality of life; to support aging members of the community and advocate for their rights; to foster a greater understanding of LGBT aging; and to promote positive images of LGBT life in later years.


Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Elders (SAGE/R) is a nonprofit organization originally incorporated in 1997 as Senior Action in a Gay Environment. It formed as an intergenerational and culturally diverse organization whose goal was to provide outreach to isolated older members of the LGBT community and empower older gay men and lesbians to take part in decision-making that affects their lives. The organization dedicated itself to meeting the unique needs of the community by providing high quality programs, services and emotional support in a safe environment that diversity and social equality.

For much of its history, SAGE has been a volunteer-operated membership organization, governed by a Steering Committee elected by the membership at its annual meeting.

In 2012 SAGE/RI became a designated affiliate of SAGE/ USA, one of 27 affiliates in 20 states across the country. In 2015, its first executive director was hired.

Steering Committee Members as of November 2018

SAGE-RI welcomes the current members to its leadership team:

  • Rev. Dr. Donnie Anderson
  • Dr. Patricia Burbank
  • Tai Bacani Cordeiro
  • Shaun Cournoyer
  • Sarah DeCataldo
  • Catherine M. Gorman
  • Robert O’Neil
  • Dennis C. Sousa

Contact Us: sageriinfo@gmail.com

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